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Ways and Means

Community Meals:
Monday thru Thursday we host community meals and open our doors to any and everyone! We love bringing new folks into our home, hearing new ideas, having fresh conversation, and sharing our giant dinner table.
2 people are assigned to cook each night, usually planning to cook for 20 people or so. Then the following night you, as a team, are responsible for doing dishes.
We have opened our community meal plan to the BLVD. Anyone who wants can pay $40 and get on our cooking rotation and enjoy creative, delicious meals and healthy conversations!

Community Meetings:
Once per week we gather ourselves in our living room and discuss things such as:
-Checking in on how the ole’ life is going
-Ways in which we can make our home most comfortable and rewarding for all our community members
-How we can collaborate to create art, events, trips, revelry. Using our power in numbers!
-Who is cooking? and when!
-Once per month we meet with the entire BLVD to talk about similar things… clubs, bike rides, beer making, yoga.. all those funstuffs.

We each have a handful of chores to tend to. Our chore system is ever evolving! Recently we rated chores based on difficulty, time consumption, smelliness, height requirements etc and divided them up accordingly. You may go here if you care to peek at that list :)

Community Bank Account:
Each community member pays $125 per month to the community bank account.  This money covers all food (we share all our food!), house supplies, utilities, internet, and any special house projects or creative exploits that are proposed at the meeting.

Community Brew Plan:
The Beer Czar supplies the house with bountiful amounts of brews on tap divided into two categories: Cheap Ass Beer, usually Pabst Blue Ribbon and Brews of the Month, which are of better quality, usually local to LA, and sometimes home brewed!  A community beer plan chart is posted on the fridge with each community member’s name listed.  Each time a beer is poured a tally is marked under either Cheap Ass Beer or Brew of the Month.  At the end of the month, I tally up the amounts each member has purchased and that dollar amount is added to their rent check.  Cheap beers generally run $1/pint and fancy brews around $2.

Hospitality Room:
We have a private room with a full-sized bed and a view of the Sync backyard waiting for our guests! We welcome Couch Surfers, artists, bands, friends, and family to our Hospitality Room. The first few days are on us, but after that we encourage energy exchange!   So cook us a delicious meal, or sing us a song, or build us a picnic table, or do a dish or two.

Art and Music Studio:
We have a communal art studio. And next to that is a music studio. Open for business 24 hours a day (non amplified after 10 pm!) we welcome jam sessions, album recording, any kind of music creations in our music studio. And in the art studio we have a movie projector, art supplies, screen printing, ceramics, art on the walls to look at, and a couches and chairs to chill on.