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Synchronicity LA is a cooperative community house in the heart of Los Angeles. We are a house of 10 people: some of us are artists, musicians, social workers, teachers, scientists, filmmakers, urban planners, and more. We host community meals 4 nights a week, divide up chores, go on retreats, open our doors to folks from all around the world to stay with us, host monthly artistic salons, share friendship, laughs, tears, beers, cheers, and enjoy our art space and music room and roof and foods!

Here’s our official mission statement:

Synchronicity LA, an intentional community, enriches our lives and the lives of others by sharing resources and cultivating harmony, friendship, hospitality, and artistic expression.

Click here for some of the Ways and Means of life at Synchronicity LA.

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Plans to host communal dinners and visitors are currently on hold due to the ongoing health crisis