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BLVD/Synchronicity Gaggle: Drone Jam on LA Bodies of Water

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Time to welcome water back to Los Angeles.
A group bike ride with miniature musical instruments and droney jams on our lakes and rivers.
Each person carry along a mini guitar or uke or harmonica or melodica or clarinet or anydamnthing or just your voice. We’ll stop at our bodies of water and offer sweet droney jams to the Water Gods asking for plentiful but non-destructive rains this El Niño season.
A drone jam is EASY. It’s just playing for many minutes on a single chord. Everyone can play. All you need to do is learn a single chord OR even just a note on an instrument of your choice, and play it for minutes. When surrounded by the textures of different instruments, it’ll sound special.
All are welcome. There are a large amount of spare instruments at Synchronicity LA (I have a mini guitar/balalaika/pianica/thunder machine/and more)

Wednesday, October 21
Easy Ride. Slow pace. About 15 miles round trip. 3-4 stops.
Meet at Sync at 8pm with an instrument or borrow one.
Ride at 8:30 Sharp.

Piñata Party

Check out a good moment from July’s Salon!

We have a Little Free Library!

Come read with us..


Fun Fact: There are over 30,000 Little Free Library book exchanges around the world, sharing over 1 million books annually.

Learn more:

Synchronicity in Curbed LA!

One of our most favoritest websites, Curbed LA, wrote words about us!

Happy Spring!



Check out our glorious new mural by Rachel Rusenko

Thanks a thousand, Rachel!sync muralCheck out her website at

Join us for a fantastical show!

Hibernation Dream Show <3 @ Synchronicityla (Koreatownish) This Saturday, February 21st Johanna Chase playing at 9pm Medicine Bear and the Herbal Remedies playing at 10:15!recordings/c1yi7 Email for the address!

Synchronicity LA/BLVD Friendsgiving in Two Minutes or Less!

Each November we celebrate our chosen family with a humonsterous feast of food and tables that span our entire downstairs.  We also make a photobooth and take way too many pictures.

Synchronicity LA Presents: The Salesman

One of the reasons we created the Synchronicity LA Salon was to motivate ourselves to experiment and create. At 3pm, the day before the Salon, Ashley, Wesley and I sat down to watch some crap on the Internet. But she proposed we make something for the Salon instead. So we made this. A little welcome-to-October gift from Synchronicity LA.


A Music Video Love Letter to Los Angeles

I was not a fan of LA.  After four years of college here I left swearing never to return.  But I came back for what I thought was a short stay.  Then I was invited to dinner at Synchronicity.  That was over five years ago, and I’ve been at Sync since.  This house played a key role in redefining my relationship with this city.  I’ve been surrounded by kind, creative, curious people… and together we’ve peeled away the layers of this amazing city.  It’s a tough city to love.  It took me a long time.  But I really have come to love its expanse, its cultural and creative diversity, its challenges, and its rewards.  Hard to sum it up with words, so here is a video love letter I made with our neighbor Mackenzie and her band The Wild Reeds.  Check out their new album, Blind and Brave… it’s a helluva ride.  -Ryan

Break Out of Your Box People!

A music video collaboration between a few Synchronicitians, and BeLoVeDs (members of our extended BLVD Community).  Featuring the music of Synchronicity’s own AHEE and a few filmmakers and box folk from around the house and block.

Synchronicity LA Salon on the Eel River

Our July Salon took place on the majestic Eel River in the Old Growth Redwoods of Humboldt County.  50 friends of Synchronicity past and present migrated northwards to get our fix of trees, river, and friends!

It was in LA, on an early Tuesday morning

By our very own Wesley Francis

We caught the mouse in a trap
And it was my job
To dispose of him

I took both the mouse and the trap
And drove down Washington boulevard
But there were no secluded fields

Or little tin can mouse towns
Full of cute mouse families
And Fievel-esque adventures

Just mowed lawns
And apartment complexes
And people tired of hiring pest control

I turned right and left
Zig zagged through side streets
Looking for some sweet mouse habitat

Finally, tired and sleepy in mid-city,
I found myself parked out back
Behind a Ralph’s grocery store

I opened my car door
And shook the trap
And the mouse leapt out and vanished

I’d like to think that he dodged
Corporate sponsored mouse poison
And hungry packs of stray cats

That he navigated the concrete jungle
And found a paradise of bagged pasta
And expired boxed cereals

But we all know the truth
That there is danger everywhere
And the world is not kind

So as I backed up and drove off
Leaving the parking lot behind
I guess there is only one thing I really hoped

That he enjoyed his last final minutes
That his dying was not such a hard thing to do

We were in the Neighborhood News!

Our local periodical, The Neighborhood News, did a profile of our house for a recent issue:












Thanks to Ms. Chelsee Lowe for a nice look at our house!

Ryan Kwan’s “Mystery Cloud” Live at The Synchronicity LA Salon

Ryan Kwan’s “Mystery Cloud” – Live at the Synchronicity LA Salon from Maxey Fish and Sea on Vimeo.

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