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Love Letters to the End

An interactive web series featuring the talents of Synchronicity LA and the surrounding BLVD!

Love Letters to the End – Teaser from Love Letters to the End on Vimeo.

Love Letters to the End – Episode 1 from Love Letters to the End on Vimeo.

The world might end this year. Well, that’s what people are saying anyway. You and I may not think so, but let’s make believe for a moment.

If the world were to end this year, what would you want to share with it? What memories, yearnings, gratitudes, regrets, triumphs, and wonders call out?

This is an invitation to be a part of a community art project. “Love Letters To The End” is a dramatic interactive world wide web series and collaborative community letter-writing project. Your letter might be short or long, pivotal or insignificant, melancholy, joyous, or sublime.

Write your love letter to the world before it ends.

The anonymous letter you send to the address below will be shared on the website, and could even be included in the narrative of the web series. This project will bring in collaborators from all over and what we make together might just inspire others. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Love Letters to the End
P.O. Box 17693
Los Angeles, CA

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