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Synchronicity LA Salon: Nice Comeback!

Salon Comeback Front

Salon ComeBACK

We’ve been invited by Blu Elefant Cafe to extend our living room to the their cozy space (Thank you Inri!)!
We’ll be offering a simple Vegan Dinner for a $4 donation at 6:30.  Come by and eat with us. All dinner donations go to Blu Elefant as a thanks for hosting.
The Salon will be similar format, 5 minute slots and an intermission half way through.
Blu Elefant is extending its hours from 8 – 11pm to host our salon.  It will technically be a private event with a password.  Cheap beer will be available by donation.
Make some shit and bring it – polished or not. Try something new. Write something now! Or tomorrow. Or 10 minutes before you present. Challenge yourself. Challenge the crowd. Collaborate with someone you met at the last Salon. 

The Synchronicity LA Salon is a monthly night of creative expression that started in our living room. It began in January 2010 as a safe space for the folks of Synchronicity and our friends to share finished or unfinished works of art, poetry, song, or any form of creative release. The idea was to encourage people in the community to create, share, and hear thoughts or ideas from friends. It has since expanded, outgrowing our living room, and we have enjoyed works of musicians, poets, storytellers, palindromists, historians, novelists, ramblers, gamblers, painters, filmmakers, drunks, fathers, mothers, lovers, dreamers, and psychedelic clowns from all over this land!


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