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Energy Exchange: Dustin and An Epic Family Table

We love having new faces find their way into our home, for a community dinner or even a stint in our hospitality room. When someone stays for good while in our hospitality room, we appreciate payment ;). But cash is our least favorite form of exchange–we tend to prefer some kind of energy exchange! So cook us a delicious home-made curry, or play us a song, or, in the case of Dustin, design us a 12 foot picnic table for us to share meals on! Dustin builds treehouses and had a job in Los Angeles! So he was our guest for a couple of months. And in exchange for his stay, he designed us a beautiful picnic table that would fit all the hungry folks at our community dinners. So we found repurposed woods, pulled the nails, sanded them down, and all put our hands to work.

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