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The BLVD Collective: A Los Angeles Story of Radical Inclusion

Our home was founded in October of 2008 and in that time we have brought all sorts of friends, new and old, through our doors. In an effort to expand our community, so many of those people have moved onto our block.. and now we have a little village of 30-40 Boulevardians. We share the Synchronicity music and arts studio, open our meal plan to anyone on the BLVD, and recently we’ve taken steps to make our collective a bit more intentional by having monthly meetings. We’ve been talking about what we kinds of things we can do, and what effect we can have on our community given our power in numbers. One of the gems spawned from our meetings is the Gaggle Ride (a few posts below) and there are more BLVD exploits to come! Here’s a picture of our first meeting.

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