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A Music Video Love Letter to Los Angeles

I was not a fan of LA.  After four years of college here I left swearing never to return.  But I came back for what I thought was a short stay.  Then I was invited to dinner at Synchronicity.  That was over five years ago, and I’ve been at Sync since.  This house played a key role in redefining my relationship with this city.  I’ve been surrounded by kind, creative, curious people… and together we’ve peeled away the layers of this amazing city.  It’s a tough city to love.  It took me a long time.  But I really have come to love its expanse, its cultural and creative diversity, its challenges, and its rewards.  Hard to sum it up with words, so here is a video love letter I made with our neighbor Mackenzie and her band The Wild Reeds.  Check out their new album, Blind and Brave… it’s a helluva ride.  -Ryan

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