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BLVD/Synchronicity Gaggle: Drone Jam on LA Bodies of Water

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Time to welcome water back to Los Angeles.
A group bike ride with miniature musical instruments and droney jams on our lakes and rivers.
Each person carry along a mini guitar or uke or harmonica or melodica or clarinet or anydamnthing or just your voice. We’ll stop at our bodies of water and offer sweet droney jams to the Water Gods asking for plentiful but non-destructive rains this El NiƱo season.
A drone jam is EASY. It’s just playing for many minutes on a single chord. Everyone can play. All you need to do is learn a single chord OR even just a note on an instrument of your choice, and play it for minutes. When surrounded by the textures of different instruments, it’ll sound special.
All are welcome. There are a large amount of spare instruments at Synchronicity LA (I have a mini guitar/balalaika/pianica/thunder machine/and more)

Wednesday, October 21
Easy Ride. Slow pace. About 15 miles round trip. 3-4 stops.
Meet at Sync at 8pm with an instrument or borrow one.
Ride at 8:30 Sharp.

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