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It was in LA, on an early Tuesday morning

By our very own Wesley Francis

We caught the mouse in a trap
And it was my job
To dispose of him

I took both the mouse and the trap
And drove down Washington boulevard
But there were no secluded fields

Or little tin can mouse towns
Full of cute mouse families
And Fievel-esque adventures

Just mowed lawns
And apartment complexes
And people tired of hiring pest control

I turned right and left
Zig zagged through side streets
Looking for some sweet mouse habitat

Finally, tired and sleepy in mid-city,
I found myself parked out back
Behind a Ralph’s grocery store

I opened my car door
And shook the trap
And the mouse leapt out and vanished

I’d like to think that he dodged
Corporate sponsored mouse poison
And hungry packs of stray cats

That he navigated the concrete jungle
And found a paradise of bagged pasta
And expired boxed cereals

But we all know the truth
That there is danger everywhere
And the world is not kind

So as I backed up and drove off
Leaving the parking lot behind
I guess there is only one thing I really hoped

That he enjoyed his last final minutes
That his dying was not such a hard thing to do

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