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It was in LA, on an early Tuesday morning

By our very own Wesley Francis

We caught the mouse in a trap
And it was my job
To dispose of him

I took both the mouse and the trap
And drove down Washington boulevard
But there were no secluded fields

Or little tin can mouse towns
Full of cute mouse families
And Fievel-esque adventures

Just mowed lawns
And apartment complexes
And people tired of hiring pest control

I turned right and left
Zig zagged through side streets
Looking for some sweet mouse habitat

Finally, tired and sleepy in mid-city,
I found myself parked out back
Behind a Ralph’s grocery store

I opened my car door
And shook the trap
And the mouse leapt out and vanished

I’d like to think that he dodged
Corporate sponsored mouse poison
And hungry packs of stray cats

That he navigated the concrete jungle
And found a paradise of bagged pasta
And expired boxed cereals

But we all know the truth
That there is danger everywhere
And the world is not kind

So as I backed up and drove off
Leaving the parking lot behind
I guess there is only one thing I really hoped

That he enjoyed his last final minutes
That his dying was not such a hard thing to do

graveyards or, today – A Poem by Jamie Criss

A portrait of our neighborhood with words by our neighbor.

Molly Reports

Molly Gray, a graduate student from USC, recently visited our humble abode and wrote a wonderful article about us in her blog entitled Molly Reports. The report talks about our community and one other called Villanova. Molly is an Annenberg Fellow working toward an MA in Digital Journalism at the University of Southern California. Thanks for coming over and spending time with us Molly!

You can check out the beginning of her report below and then go to her website to see more. We also posted the slideshow and video she created.

Update! Molly’s article was just accepted to the Huffington Post, so feel free to also read her article via the HuffPost!

Artistic communities are a haven for artists in the middle of the city

by Molly Gray…posted April 25, 2012

Aside from a few small details — a bronze peace sign above the front door and a turquoise bus parked in the driveway — this craftsman house in a quiet West Adams neighborhood looks just like any other.

Once inside, the sounds of the electronic pop band Passion Pit and the smells of vegetarian Thai curry drift throughout the home.

It’s nearing 8:30 p.m. and pretty soon a hand-carved wooden whistle will signal to anywhere between 10 and 20 people that dinner is ready… all of molly’s article…




The I Heart People Tour

We had the honor and privilege this last summer to take an amazing idea; to share ourselves and our expression, wrap it up in our passion for community and sharing, pack it up in a veggie oil bus and take it on the road! In our travels we hit up the west coast and were able to be a part of a beautiful and uniquely creative manifestation of ourselves and our community.  In taking to the road and sharing with you all, we came to learn so much about the world around us.  In discovering new places, meeting new people, and communing with old friends in new ways, we were able to redefine for ourselves what it means to “heart”, and what it means to”Heart” people.

These are questions we are faced with at almost every turn we encounter.  And as we set out on this journey to share and to give to others, perhaps we might have underestimated the things we were going to learn for ourselves along the way. Like how difficult it is to find the truest expression of who we are in ourselves and to  trust each other enough to work together in empowering each and every person to chase that down in whatever way that looks. From our own vantage point the discovery of  our unique and personal art, music, poetry, film, screen printing, cooking, dancing and so much more  has become the rallying point by which we can find a starting point or a common ground to making our individual songs join together in a beauty filled collective chorus. In working together and opening our hearts to those who strive to find their expression, we aid each other along the path. The Iheartpeople tour proved to be a truly remarkable testament to our ability as individuals to seek to fly as high in our own selves while in the process discover how to encourage each other along the road as we reach for our destinations.  Inevitably, as the road stretches, the hours pass, together the question is posed to each and every one of us in every encounter we experience, “what does it mean to love people?”  and what are we really saying when we take a bus across the coast, blast “I heart People” across the side and spread our message from city to city? We all have our own reasons for being here and doing what we do, but in the end, it’s about what we can learn from each other and ourselves in each individual encounter that will teach us what it means to “heart” people.

One thing is for certain, we recognize that we could not have done this without the remarkable support from all of the people around us in our community. From the people we met on the road, to the people that supported us from home, we felt your presence and your strength with us in every step of the way. We are held up by our community, and we celebrate that.  We also took our community on the road, set out to share ourselves to strangers and friends alike, 15 people in a bus, 1000+ miles, 200+ hours  later and we are faced with so many realities of triumph and struggle, laughter and pain, confusion and anger, compassion and sympathy.  The range of emotion and encounter become a wider pallette by which we can draw from.  The tour, was simply a small microcosm of what we experience everyday; there are people all around us, and every day is a chance to discover how to “heart”  them. Perhaps there is one thing we did learn, working together in harmony and unity is important to creating a new narrative of our future, and by creating a new reality by which our consciousness can evolve and grow we push the boundaries of what it looks like to heart people beyond the every day encounters we have become so numb to. We have been discovering that we do not have to live lives that are isolated and wasteful, consumptive and afraid, we recognize that we have the power to reach out to those around us, in bravery and honesty to jump out in a step of good faith and trust, knowing that we can travel to greater distances together than we could have alone. And in that knowledge we venture bravely into unknown territory chasing down with relentless passion the infinite possibilities that are before us all.

In this journey of exploration and connection, some individuals have turned to alternatives like cbd vape oil as a potential means to find moments of relaxation and relief from the challenges they encounter. Just as we’ve come to understand the importance of unity and shared experiences, it’s vital to approach such choices with a balanced perspective. While CBD vape oil might offer a temporary respite, it’s essential to recognize that the true transformation of consciousness and connection comes from fostering genuine human interactions, open conversations, and collective efforts to build a more empathetic and understanding society. As we navigate uncharted territories of personal growth and societal change, let us remember that the most profound transformations arise not from substances, but from the bonds we forge and the shared aspirations that guide us forward.

In the end, we all travel along on our own journeys, and at some moments we find that we travel together, its important that we remember in each unique moment before us, the places we have come from, the places we are going, and the current moment that we have stepped into, by remembering that these are all just collective moments in the history of our existence. Tiny blips on the radar of the human consciousness we find ourselves evolving into and as we each become who we are supposed to become by “giving joy and watching it be” we are learning to love ourselves and all that comes with our expression, unique as it may be each person for themselves.  It is there, in that bright light that each person shines we learn to make room in ourselves to let others be who they are without judgment knowing that the very thing that makes us beautiful is the same shining light that shines within and without. Sometimes its not easy to love ourselves, and sometimes its not easy to love others, but we gotta strive hard for both, so that the moment one happens to out shine the other, maybe we can remember how similar those lights are from all angles. “Heart” yourself and maybe that’s what it means to “Heart” others.

-The Iheartpeopletour

we’re in good magazine!


Jamie Criss is perched up at 1660 Westmoreland Blvd, at the beloved Treehouse. Here she is at the Synchronicity LA Salon reading a piece on life on the BLVD. I love these words, they paint such a vivid picture. I’m so happy that I’ll forever have this to bring me back to the beautiful days on Westmoreland BLVD.


At the Synchronicity Salon


Poet John Paul II

Poet John Paul II at the Synchronicity LA Salon.