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Sync Grub

The community meal plan is providing a cozy place to eat with friends and loved ones this winter. Check out our new instagram account where we’re documenting some of the tasty dishes the grub members are serving:

Synchronicity LA Salon on the Eel River

Our July Salon took place on the majestic Eel River in the Old Growth Redwoods of Humboldt County.  50 friends of Synchronicity past and present migrated northwards to get our fix of trees, river, and friends!

BLVD Friendsgiving in a Minute or Less

Every year at Synchronicity LA we host a Friendsgiving Feast for all the folks of our extended community, The BLVD Collective.   Here’s a flavor.

2013 BLVD Retreat


Synchronicity LA is part of a greater collective of folks who have moved to our BLVD.  We share our art/music studio, meals, ideas, and collaborate together.  We recently ventured up to the hills of Simi Valley for some workshops, good times, campfires, group feasts, tequila in watermelons, music making, leisure sports, boggle and, yes, a 600 ft. zipline to play on.

Molly Reports

Molly Gray, a graduate student from USC, recently visited our humble abode and wrote a wonderful article about us in her blog entitled Molly Reports. The report talks about our community and one other called Villanova. Molly is an Annenberg Fellow working toward an MA in Digital Journalism at the University of Southern California. Thanks for coming over and spending time with us Molly!

You can check out the beginning of her report below and then go to her website to see more. We also posted the slideshow and video she created.

Update! Molly’s article was just accepted to the Huffington Post, so feel free to also read her article via the HuffPost!

Artistic communities are a haven for artists in the middle of the city

by Molly Gray…posted April 25, 2012

Aside from a few small details — a bronze peace sign above the front door and a turquoise bus parked in the driveway — this craftsman house in a quiet West Adams neighborhood looks just like any other.

Once inside, the sounds of the electronic pop band Passion Pit and the smells of vegetarian Thai curry drift throughout the home.

It’s nearing 8:30 p.m. and pretty soon a hand-carved wooden whistle will signal to anywhere between 10 and 20 people that dinner is ready… all of molly’s article…




Buxom Beet!

Strange beet from the garden

Our first full-sized beet of the year! Look at those curves...(harvested from our garden 3/19/12)

DIY Culinary Adventures at Synchronicity

Hot Tub Yoghurt

I spent some time in Bolivia, and whilst working at a cafe/bar, i feasted daily on homemade granola and yoghurt made in my boss’s backyard.  I’ve always dreamt of waking up and tasting that homemade deliciousness here in LA.  So I researched making homemade yoghurt and it turns out the trickiest part to making it is keeping the yoghurt at 105-115 degrees for 6 to allow the cultures to spread.  I was struggling to find a way, then it hit me!  That’s the temp of our hot tub in the backyard!  hooray!   So Ever since january I’ve been keeping Synchronicity stocked with gallons of homemade yoghurt by sealin’ that yoghurt up tight, thrown it in the tub, and lettin’ it cook!

100% Orgasmic Granola

Rounding out my bolivian dream.. my dream of a lady (above) and I have been cooking up some homemade granola to top off that yoghurt!  Yummy concoctions of late have featured pumpkin spices, quinoa, flax seed, crispy rice, and maple candied nuts!  Oh me oh my.  Lately we’ve made a batch to raise money for a trip to Bangladesh, where we are helping start a One for One Restaurant company that could feed many hungry kids around the globe.  Learn more and donate if you wish here!


These Days at the Synchronicity LA Salon


Halloween Ghoulish Gaggle Bike Ride

Once again the BLVD Gaggle Riders took on the streets of LA on our two wheelers.  This time in costume through the spirited streets of Hollywood.